Not another one...

“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence.”
-  Oscar Wilde -

Luckily we are a bit different than your average surf hostel. We decided to name our project ANOTHER SURF CAMP, because it is anything but the rehash of what is already out there. And we love sarcasm!

The sarcasm in our name will escape many, the good times we provide and the different concept will not. At ANOTHER SURF CAMP we believe the location, the concept and the people are key to a good time.


Peniche, Portugal

For our first surf camp, we chose our favorite surf spot in Europe's surf capital Portugal: Baleal, Peniche

You ask why this place? Simple: The waves and the vibe.

Find out more about Peniche, and Baleal in particular, in this surf guide

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is the surf mecca in South Africa. For surf lessons we cooperate with Cape Town Surfing. Liam Wood and his team train beginners to groms for national competition.


As the city of Peniche is a peninsula, you will find surfable waves for almost any wind direction. In fact, the waves are so good that Peniche hosts one of the World Surf League Championship Tour events every year at the famous Supertubos beach. Peniche is not only for professional surfers, though, as the various spots offer surf conditions and for every skill level.


Peniche is a charming fishing village, which offers white windmills, ocean front chapels and long sandy beaches. Why do we mention windmills and chapels, when you are interested in surfing? Well, they are a part of Peniche's charm. When you look closer, you realize most things in Peniche are related to surfing. As a result, you get all skills levels of surfers, from the absolute beginner to the seasoned freak, from the students sleeping in a camper to the families taking an exclusive hotel room. They live and share their sport in an unusual harmony, which we find make the special vibe of Peniche in general and Baleal in particular.

Surf School

Learn to Surf with professional Instructions.ANOTHER SURF CAMP has teamed up with João de Macedo, Portugal's famous big-wave surfer, who wrote The Book on providing surf lessons. Joao's organization SURF ACADEMIA is the surf school which provides all surf lessons at ANOTHER SURF CAMP.

Surf Package

At ANOTHER SURF CAMP you can take part in group surf lessons, or you can get individual 1-on-1 surf lessons which optimize your learning. Whichever you prefer, we also offer great deals on weekly Surf Packages, which include accommodations and daily surf lessons.