Our surf camps are different. We love surfing, the ocean and a good party. We decided to name our project ANOTHER SURF CAMP, but it is anything but the rehash of a surf camp already out there. Oh, and we love sarcasm!

“Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence.”
-  Oscar Wilde -

The sarcasm in our name will escape many, the good times we provide and the concept will not. We believe a great location, a unique concept, a cool team and fabulous guests are the key to having a good time.

Surf Camp Peniche

For our first camp, we chose our favorite surf spot in Europe's surf mecca Portugal: Baleal, Peniche

You ask why this place? Simple: The waves and the vibe. Find out more about Peniche, and Baleal in particular, in this surfer guide

Surf Camp Cape Town

Cape Town is the best beginner surf location in South Africa. The Mother City also has some of the best big wave spots like Dungeon's. When European surf spots are closed due to winter, surfing in Cape Town gets started. Our seasons are offset by six months.

For surf lessons we cooperate with Cape Town Surfing. Liam Wood and his team train beginners to groms for national competition.