ANOTHER SURF CAMP has teamed up with João de Macedo's famous SURF ACADEMIA to bring professional surf instruction to Baleal and Peniche...


The SURF ACADEMIA was founded by João de Macedo and two friends in 2000 at Praia Grande (Sintra), after returning from a university exchange in Australia that also allowed him to develop his surfing and complete a coaching course. In 2002, he developed a teaching methodology called Method 7.

 This methodology is based on learning seven maneuvers to achieve advanced surfing:

  • Bottom Turn
  • Round House
  • Cutback
  • Floater
  • Snap
  • Air
  • Tube


SURF ACADEMIA turns people into surfers, and surfers into athletes since 2000.

  • With Method 7, our exclusive teaching method, we develop new talents;
  • We teach people of all ages the spirit and basic techniques of surfing;
  • We offer an authentic and high-quality surfing experience;
  • We train coaches in collaboration with the Portuguese Surfing Federation;
  • We work to include Surfing as an extracurricular activity in the Portuguese Schools;
  • We take advantage of the Portuguese coast that has ideal conditions for surfing all year round;
  • We sensitize all surfers to the importance of environment conservation on the beaches and the coast.


João de Macedo profile

João was born in the United States in 1977 and moved to Portugal at the age of seven. At age 12 he received his first board as a birthday present, after a few years of bodyboarding and bodysurfing. He learned to surf in the Atlantic waves of Praia Grande in Sintra. A professional surfer since 1993, he competed in national and European circuits, representing the Portuguese national team as a junior in 1994 and 1995. He dreamed of competing internationally at Pipeline in Hawaii in 2001.

He always maintained his active academic life, receiving his diploma in Economics from Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 2000 and complemented this degree with an official course of the Australian Surfing Federation. With these formations, he started a business project that is still part of Portugal Surf Academy.

In 2002, he completed the Level 2 of the course of the Portuguese Surfing Federation. That same year, he worked as national coach of Portuguese Selection of Surf, a year in which the Selection was the runner-up in the European. In 2004, he worked as a technical coach for the Selection where he focused on the development of the already nationally recognized Method 7, which later gave way to the book 'Book 7, How to Be a Surfer'. The same book would be translated into English and released in California in 2007. That same year, he began to be a constant presence in Mavericks, leaving his mark on this famous wave.

João lives for Surfing. He divides his time between competition, coaching and his family. We sometimes think his priorities are in the wrong order ;-)